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    What was the inspiration for Yarness?
    I moved to San Francisco to study Human Sexuality in 2004. A big part of SF gay culture is leather and fetish street fairs such as Folsom and Dore Alley. I enjoyed the fun and sexy nature of these street fairs and liked how the leather harnesses looked on the people around me. What I also noticed was a good chunk of people just enjoyed dressing up in harnesses and fetish gear without actually intending to use the garments for sexual purposes. I saw fashion accessories and my mind started buzzing. Around this time I learned to crochet.

    How did you first get started making Yarnesses?
    In 2009 I crocheted a soft pink harness and wore it to Folsom. The harness got an immediate, strong and positive reaction, people took pictures, and I was hooked (crochet pun intended). Each year after, I produced another crocheted harness. I experimented with different styles and colors (including a jock strap). I amassed a good number of these harnesses, and I realized that I was designing a fashion line.

    Where do you see people wearing a Yarness?
    A Yarness is great for events like Folsom Street Fair, Pride, Mardi Gras, Southern Decadence or any cause for celebration. Designers like Zana Bayne have done a lot to change where and how people wear harnesses, and wearing a Yarness as a part of an outfit when going out or dressing up is also a great idea. Oh, and don’t forget they are also a fun item to play with in the sack.

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