Yarness Care

Don’t these Yarnesses stretch?

Yarnesses are made to fit tightly to your body. When you first wear them they will be snug, then stretch a bit as the knots sit into themselves. We incorporate this into our measurements.

Additionally, each Yarness has adjustable sliders, so you are able to tighten the garment as much as you would like.

A Yarness is not a leather harness, and should not be expected to behave as such. But trust us, you can pull on them, play with them and they are not going to break anytime soon.

How should I wear a Yarness?

You can wear a Yarness tight on your skin like a fetish garment or over your clothing as a accessory. A Yarness can dress up a outfit, especially if you pick a color that pops.

Do Yarnesses behave like leather harnesses?

Yarnesses are inspired by leather harnesses, but while light, durable and fun, they are something else entirely. But don’t worry, you can play with a yarness just like you would a harness. Did we just blow your mind?