You will never be able to forget this video Posted on 31 Aug 09:30

Yarness returns with new video featuring some new designs and plenty of other digital treats. I think it will make you feel better. 

Color takes the cake in new photos from Robbie Sweeney Posted on 28 Jan 15:42

Shoot with @robbiesweeny, 2016. #yarness

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Shoot with @robbiesweeny, 2016. #yarness

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Shoot with @robbiesweeny, 2016. #yarness

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Just a couple more... collab with @robbiesweeny, 2016. #yarness

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Shoot with @robbiesweeny, 2016. #yarness

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Shoot with @robbiesweeny, 2016. #yarness

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Shoot w/ @robbiesweeny, 2016. #yarness

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Frolicking in LA Posted on 15 Feb 11:31

Yarness teamed with filmmaker Joshan Smith on a new Yarness adventure that follows four friends around LA. 

Featuring music from David Sylvester feat. Saturn Rising, this lil' vid captures what Yarness is all about.

Yarness on Posted on 20 Dec 12:00

Looks like we got the attention of OUT. They shared the images from the new collection. 

Click the photo for the slideshow.

New Yarness Collection Posted on 18 Dec 13:00

 Today we are proud to debut a new collection of Yarness products. Our team has spent a lot of time on the new designs, all which are bay area made. Hope you enjoy them and the wonderful photography from Cabure Bonugli. 






San Francisco company expands line to add jocks and dog accessories for the holidays

SAN FRANCSICO, FRIDAY, DECEMBER 18, 2015 -- Today Yarness launches a new crop of fetish lifestyle gear that replaces leather with hand crocheted yarns that challenge ideas of strength and tenderness with self-aware style. With a commitment to body positivity, the new collection of Yarnesses are stylish and accessible for any gender and orientation, and can be worn over or under clothing for a night on the town or a romp in the sheets. Products can be purchased online at San Francisco residents can have products delivered within the hour thanks to a very special partnership with #UberRUSH until December 24th.

          View the lookbook                                           Watch the promo

The San Francisco clothing brand was founded in 2014 to reinvent the way people see fetish gear and is known for their viral visuals that have been seen by over 10 Million people online and appeared on Comedy Central’s @Midnight and HBO’s Looking. Yarness gained notoriety as gentrification swept artists out of the city due to explosive rent increases. "All garments are handmade in San Francisco," says founder and creator Ryan Crowder. "Yarness is a uniquely San Francisco brand and we work to keep our local culture visible."


The two-tone Yarness collection is the latest iteration on the designs that began selling last year. Each Yarness is hand-crocheted, then sewn by local seamstresses. Products are San Francisco-made with a handmade touches of macrame and playful flourishes of black light reflectivity. With this release the brand steps into athleisure, with tanks and knit mesh jockstraps that challenge typical jocks on the market today.


For the first time, Yarness introduces an exclusive batch of accessories for dogs, allowing owners to showcase their unique, personal style. From the puppy Yarness to a matching leash, canine companions can now get their Yarness on too!


There are a couple collaborations in tow, including a striking yarn puppy hood from LA artist Ben Cuevas and a limited edition tee designed by Mebourne artist Elwyn Murray. "So many talented artists play with expectations of leather and masculinity, we wanted to bring exposure to our favorites," said Crowder.

The collection's launch features lookbook photos from San Francisco nightlife documentarian Cabure Bonugli and appearances from SF cultural beacons Persia, Gaymous and Saturn Jones among other artists and cuties, frolicking and enjoying themselves out in San Franciscans alongside music from local musician Trevor Sigler.


Puppy hood - Yarness exclusive! Posted on 28 Oct 16:00

Yarness Puppy Hood now available

Looking around the options for puppy hoods, you are hard pressed to find anything soft and playful like a true-to-life puppy. We are proud to offer a handmade option with big floppy ears and a soft exterior for puppy enthusiasts far and wide.  

Folsom Street Fair 2015 recap Posted on 2 Oct 12:00

Yarness hit up the Folsom Street Fair with gusto this year. Yarness offered a sneak peek at new products and treated attendees to some surprises. New products will be available on the website soon. 

Photos by Rey Rey's Photography, Mike "Accidental Bear" Enders, Ross Pearson, James Gosnell, and Michael Wade.

Check us out in the SF Chronicle's Folsom slideshow 

Also take a peek at us in Accidental Bear's photo and video documentation of the annual event.

PLEASE NOTE - We save the best treats for last in this post.

Here are some shots of our booth. We squeezed a ton of people in this small space (that's how we like it).

The busy Folsom booth

Hugo and RyanYarness booth


We had our gimps (and a pretty lady) crocheting for all up front. They all like attention.


Gimp crochet anyone?

gimp crochet close up

Gimp selfie

Crochet maven


And here are shots of people rocking Yarness at the fair.


Yarness sexy man


And now... the Puppy Hood.

Feast your eyes on this Yarness collaboration with knit artist, Ben Cuevas. We asked some muscle dudes to lift for us and spectators. Enjoy. We will announce the puppy hood for sale on our mailing list.


Lift that pupHappy muscle pup Muscle pup 1


big pup liftsPup shoulders


We will be back next year and be to many upcoming fetish/leather events as well. You can't miss us.

Subscribe to our mailing list on the bottom of the page to hear about new products and exploits. 




Dore Alley and Yarness Posted on 7 Aug 15:56

We are giving away a custom Yarness

Drop us your email and be entered to win a custom Yarness and personal fitting.*

How to Yarness Coachella Posted on 16 Apr 18:00

Last week Yarness hit weekend 1 of the mega SoCal music fest. I introduced the crowds to Yarness slowly and pilot-tested some new products.

On day 1 I hit the polo fields with a respectable neon yellow bulldog yarness. I got a couple pictures and a notable compliment from the woman selling chicken fingers.

The impact of the Yarness was not fully realized until I stepped into the Yuma dance tent. I got my jiggles on and was hard not to notice me under the black light.

The bottom ring of the Yarness was also a handy place to store one's sunglasses FYI.

Upon exiting the tent, the sun went down. That was time to bust out the glow crowns. Here is a picture of one at dusk, on someone with big poofy bear paws.

So here are what the crowns look like with the lights turned on, but with stage lighting.

Here they are with some black light / darkness.

In a crowd of 40,000, they were absolutely essential to help find your friends in the hoarde. They were little head beacons.

So after a fun evening of music I returned to the festival on day 2 wearing my newly created crochet shorts (!) and new apex yarness and boy howdy did the crowds go crazy. There are many pictures floating about out there in the digital universe. I made sure to capture the moment myself. Here are some pictures of me jumping up and down with excitement.

The shorts were quite breathable in the desert heat. I stitched on little pockets for aesthetic pleasure. They retained their fit all day. I just wish I would have worn a jock strap under them to better feature some of my erm... assets.

I ran into people in Native American headdresses. I got annoyed so I took this photo. The guy had no idea.

 I went to Yuma again on day 2 and ran into a fan wearing one of our head ties. It glowed in the black light with all it's splendor.

(I'm kind of obsessed with that photo).

Now onto day 3. While I mostly just rocked a Bernhard Willhelm tank, I did run around for a while in my yarn gimp mask.

Here are some pictures of me interpreting the desert.

Then I hit the Yuma tent one last time and I am quite happy I did. I did some "suffocation dancing," but before I sweat too much in the mask, we captured a shot of me repping the gear with the mask's smile glowing under the black lights. There is a real freedom in moving through a crowd when no one can recognize you.

All in all I had a fabulous time; I saw some great music, danced my butt off and met some amazing people. I will definitely be back next year. 

Crowns, shorts and new Yarnesses should be available for purchase soon. If you are interested in any special Summer festival creations I encourage you to reach out directly by emailing



New Coachella head-ties! Posted on 24 Mar 18:29

Stand out in the crowds descending on Coachella.

Yarness offers three unique head-ties that capture attention during the day and glow in black light at night.

Whether mounting a public art piece, getting rough in the pit, or letting go on the dance floor, keep the sweat out of your eyes with the best of em. 

Limited quantities available, guaranteed delivery by Coachella to US residents.