You will never be able to forget this video Posted on 31 Aug 09:30 in news, video, yarness

Yarness returns with new video featuring some new designs and plenty of other digital treats. I think it will make you feel better. 


For this release, I had the great opportunity to collaborate with many talented folks, notably, San Francisco filmmaker Aron Kantor and animator Dicky Krolewicz on some rad videos for da internetz. Theme was sexy and fun and six illustrators, some of whom I met on Instagram, helped bring da model dancers to life. Hope you dig as much as I do!

So what do we have for 2017?

Instead of hand-crocheted goods I've been more interested in playing with producing Yarnesses with knitting machines and 3D printing. I was also able to get prices down a little lower as a result. Hope fans of the brand dig the new products.

Thanks for your support over the years as this brand blossoms and blooms like a rosebud.