Dore Alley and Yarness Posted on 07 Aug 15:56 in bear, dancing, dore, sf, yarness

Above is a peek at our experience at Dore Alley. Over the weekend we filmed a bunch and have really ridiculous footage with some rad peeps. Im so excited to share Yarness chapter 2. Anyway, back to our fun, sexy weekend.

Up Your Alley Fair is an awesome community event, and so appreciated in times as they are. The open public sexuality is proudly on display. I felt completely good being there and everyone is really nice and mega hot. The event builds a passionate community camaraderie that you can feel like a sexual mist squirting across the crowd. ;) Also lotsa people get wasted and you talk to people you never get to elsewhere and more. 

We started the day at a friends brunch, filled with bacon and sexy dudes and then took to the fest, chatting, playing and dancing under the sun.

San Francisco's fetish and leather communities are a vital force in local culture. I hope that everybody knows Yarness respects the leather community very much, like for real.  

Because Dore made us so happy and I want to be able to let people know about new designs and people wearing Yarneses all over the world...

We are giving away a custom Yarness

Drop us your email and be entered to win a custom Yarness and personal fitting.* You will be joining my email list. It will probably be fun. I'll send pictures of new designs, and some other things I've been working very hard on. 

You   seriously   do   not   even    know    what    is   coming   at    you     from     this    Yarness    thing.


Now is your chance, sign up for a nice email list and maybe I'll make you something rad.


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